Brian Koitz -Craftsman

At Koitz Woodworks, I thrive on creating pieces that have or tell a story. It can start with a picture, an idea, an existing piece of furniture, or simply a piece of wood.  What separates my products from things you can find online, in a store, or antique  shop is that the piece you design will tell your story and no one else’s!

I will work diligently with you to create a concept for the design of your piece.  The combination of many years of craftsmanship and woodworking and experience along with personal warmth will make the design process a fun an exciting time.

Reclaimed, romantic, refreshing. I enjoy using products found throughout my travels.  This allows my work to evoke both the natural beauty of autumn in Vermont with Fifth Avenue sophistication that will bring a unique sense of intimacy and romance to any living space.

Let me build you something to last for generations.